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Spacewars 3D

This is a project that I made with Josh Cogliati for my graphics class in college. It is a gravitational simulation with ships, suns, planets, and bombs.


This is one of my programs that I made for my AI class. It was a genetic programing assignment where we had a population of ants and would create a new generation by matting the fittest, mutating some, and just letting some through into the next generation. After doing this 200 times we actually got a population that was generally smart enough to walk in the direction of where the smell of food was.

Context Free Grammar Editor

I made this program for a class of mine and was rather pleased with how it came out. It lets you enter in a grammar and then display the first & follow sets, the LL(1) table, and the LR(0) CFSM. I wrote it in Java so it should run on any system.

Font Displayer

One day while I was working on my iBook away from my font sample book I needed to look at my fonts to pick one that I liked. So I first made a quick and dirty program to display some text in every font available on the system. That worked then but was really slow and inefficient, so I modified my program and came up with some thing that seemed useful. This program now lets you set the sample text, and then click on font names to have the sample displayed in that font. It also lets you select multiple fonts at the same time so you can compare your sample text in many different font faces.


A program that lets you test out different OpenGL lighting and material settings.

Port Mapper

This is a library that allows developers to easily forward ports from a UPnP router or a NAT-PMP router.


A simple and free program that puts a text field into the menu bar so that you can quickly spell check a word or a short sentence.

Thrustmaster Drivers for Mac OS X

I have some old Thrustmaster Mark I joysticks. I like the way they feel but the drivers have not been updated since 1994... so I made my own.

The Wild West

My computer game of choice back in 1999 was Myth II. I had so much fun playing the game that I joined up with Randall Shaw to create a total conversion for Myth. We decided to make a western style conversion since no one else had done a western map yet. Since releasing the conversion it has been downloaded over 13,000 times and is the second highest rated map on The Mill.

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